Scenic photo of large fishing lake with group fishing

Fishing at Jellystone Park ™

Boy holds bass caught in fishing lakeJellystone Park’s 2 acre fishing pond invites the curiosity and comfort of childhood. Popping up your Gone Fishin’ sign will be a breeze at Jellystone Park. Take the children beyond the natural pines and mining sluice to reach the bank of our pond. Trail the 2 acres in search of minnows or watch the turtles poke their heads through the water’s surface. Cast a line where the bass or blue gill are active or simply lay on the pond’s edge and drift away. It’s all good here at Jellystone Park in Elberta. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Three commonly-caught fish in our lake are Bluegill (Brim), Bass, and Catfish. Here are some pointers for your next fishing adventure at our park:

  • Children can easily catch small Brim with a little white bread on the end of their pole! Simply roll some moist, white bread into a pea-sized ball and place it around the end of their hook. They’ll get ‘nibbles’ in 3…2…1…
  • You can never go wrong when fishing with crickets in our lake! 
  • Catfish bite better in the early morning or late evening – but be sure to put bug spray in your tackle box – or buy some at our convenience store!
  • Parents, be prepared to get dirty! You’ll need to tie the knots, rig the gear, bait the hooks, remove the fish. But be sure to let the kids reel in the fish – that’s the fun part! Fishing is a great learning experience and confidence builder for children.
  • Make it a picnic! Bring your lunch to one of our lakeside picnic tables.
  • Conversation while fishing is also a great opportunity to instill responsibility by pointing out the importance of picking up trash, not littering, and teaching children that discarded fish hooks and line does harm wildlife. 
  • Have Fun! Remember that the size and number of fish caught is not important. Bonding over the outdoors and fishing – this is the life! As a parent/guardian, you are introducing your child to nature and the value of the environment.

Some things to remember...