Character Interactions

Yogi playing peek-a-boo with Baby at Jellystone Park

Keep a lookout for our friendly bears Yogi Bear™ and BooBoo Bear™ during your next stay!

Trying to walk in the footsteps of Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo Bear™ is quite hard considering they are giant paws! Meeting Yogi Bear™ and friends is the highlight of every child’s Jellystone Park™ vacation! You can catch Yogi Bear™ trying to take pic-a-nic basket, meet children at the park for pictures, or visit site-by-site to sweet talk the guests. Boo Boo Bear™ tags along as the two are best buds. Don’t forget to give your hi-five’s, hugs, and love to Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo Bear™ while vacationing with Jellystone Park™.